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There are few years ago cosmetic surgery was a taboo subject. Today, we speak freely about it. Cosmetic surgery is moving towards revolution!!! As recently as last year, some of Hollywood stars were scrambling to hide that they went through cosmetic surgery field.


This is precisely the case of the beautiful Nicole Kidman that sparked media but denies suspicions loudly have used this type of intervention, and it is far from an isolated case.

Certainly his or her cosmetic surgeries were not officially "confessed" but the fact is that the star says she loves it now. Today, one does not shout from the rooftops that succumbed to cosmetic surgery but so far, the subject is no longer taboo. Photo below - cosmetic injection of botox:

Cosmetic surgery: less taboos but not immune to prejudice

In USA and European countries people approach more easily the subject of cosmetic surgery. Moreover, in countries like China, South Korea and Brazil, this practice seems to be democratized. Nevertheless, the company remains relatively critical of people who cross the course. For some, even if the need is, the risk judgment becomes a brake. Those who have used cosmetic surgery have their purpose. For some, the operation aims to end a complex.


Photo above - plan and scheme of operations mammoplasty

Another will resort to cosmetic surgery to hope for success on the professional or sentimental. Finally, for the other, this is just a whim, but in all cases, and in the end, this intervention has allowed everyone to trail better. Also, some may be the judgment, the essential fact remains that we do not regret the act and that it has improved a little bit life...

Cosmetic surgery for men

If women are more likely on cosmetic surgery than men in recent times, men are increasingly attracted by plastic surgery. Blepharoplasty (cosmetic surgery drooping eyelids or bags under the eyes), liposuction, gynecomastia (reduction of mammary glands), or rhinoplasty are among the most practiced by men operations.


Аbove pictures - before and after reduction of mammary glands.

The figures are eloquent. In this decade significantly increased the number of men who decided to resort to plastic surgery. Most of these men admit wanting to do liposuction, others want to re-offer hair with hair transplantation and others would erase wrinkles. Certainly, one does not boast of wanting or having resorted to plastic surgery but at least we talk more freely about it.

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