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Breast ptosis is none other than the medical designation of sagging breasts that sag, a real obsession for most women who are victims. Fortunately there is a solution to lift your breasts. 


Breast ptosis is sagging breasts. They seem so empty with too low a position.

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You certainly cannot stop time but in a jiffy, you can fight against the effects of aging: wrinkles. What is the solution? It is aesthetic medicine. In other words, it can be botox and hyaluronic acid. An even cosmetic that qualifies as miracle, wrinkles are more difficult to erase once installed.


In the best case, you will arrive just fade, especially if your wrinkles have already dug. With scientific advances, aesthetic medicine today offers effective techniques to erase wrinkles and firm the facial skin. Botox is well known in the world of aesthetics.

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What will be the result of the withdrawal of breast implants? After many years with it, cosmetic result has sometimes evolved into a breast ptosis which manifested or increased.


The result then leads to heavy and droopy breasts, often incompatible with the practice of sport for example.

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There are few years ago cosmetic surgery was a taboo subject. Today, we speak freely about it. Cosmetic surgery is moving towards revolution!!! As recently as last year, some of Hollywood stars were scrambling to hide that they went through cosmetic surgery field.


This is precisely the case of the beautiful Nicole Kidman that sparked media but denies suspicions loudly have used this type of intervention, and it is far from an isolated case.

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Долгожданная выставка в Детройте

В январе 2018, 14-го числа в Детройте состоялась долгожданная премьера 



Небесные фонарики-огоньки из Таиланда и Китая летают по Европе

Что значат огненные послания, летящие по небу? Кому они предназначены и что в себе несут?




Празднования на Новый год в Европе

Празднование Нового года в 5-и европейских столицах –  



Так говорил Заратустра – праздник бродячего пророка

Не случайно название книги Ф. Ницше вынесено в заголовок этой статьи о дате 21 декабря...



Завтра наступит Карачун – языческие празднования в день солнцестояния

21 декабря наступит Карачун


- день почитания Чернобога языческого...  


Боже Царя храни – гимн Российской империи: видео с музыкой и словами в субтитрах

18.12.1883 г. впервые на публике исполнен Российский Гимн «Боже, Царя храни!» 



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