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Breast ptosis is none other than the medical designation of sagging breasts that sag, a real obsession for most women who are victims. Fortunately there is a solution to lift your breasts. 


Breast ptosis is sagging breasts. They seem so empty with too low a position.

Breast ptosis test with pencil

There is a simple test to yourself so you can actually see whether or not you have breasts that fall. Just for it to place a pencil in the crease under the breast. If the pencil does not fall, it may be that breast ptosis is proved. The best in this case would be to consult a doctor who will confirm or invalidate the case of breast ptosis. This breast condition is due to loss of elasticity of the skin which can have many origins: the sequences of one or more pregnancies, weight loss or simply aging skin. You should also remember that breast ptosis may be congenital.

Breast ptosis: surgery to lift breasts


Photo above - plan and scheme of operations mammoplasty to correct breast ptosis

To correct breast ptosis, some people believe that simply removing excess skin to lift the breasts. But not only the bust are sagging but have also lost volume. We must therefore fill this gap with an implant. (Like implant, which is shown in the top photo). Correcting the breast ptosis is known of mastopexy. If in addition to sagging breasts you have a mismatch, patient needs further correction. With the introduction of an implant, the correction of breast ptosis approximates interventions for breast augmentation, implying scarring after the procedure which will diminish with time, particularly Periareolar scars.

Breast ptosis: points to remember about the surgery


Аbove pictures - before and after breast lift and correction of breast ptosis

If you have questions about the progress of surgery that involves correct sagging breasts, here is some good to know. The operation is done under general anesthesia. During the days following the procedure, you will feel that the scars are growing in volume.

This is quite normal but swelling will subside after 2-3 weeks. Then they will become fine and will fade over time. You should also remember that the intervention does not prevent another bout of breast ptosis (which comes with age, for example), but having said that you can benefit from the operation of lifting effect for ten years or more depending on the quality of your skin. Finally, after a mastopexy, Physicians and Surgeons always recommend waiting at least a year after surgery before considering pregnancy.

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