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What will be the result of the withdrawal of breast implants? After many years with it, cosmetic result has sometimes evolved into a breast ptosis which manifested or increased.


The result then leads to heavy and droopy breasts, often incompatible with the practice of sport for example.

Can we remove breast implants and breast ptosis correct?

These patients are often willing to change their figure with a rejuvenation of their chest. The concern of these patients then focuses on the appearance of their breasts. Two surgical strategies are possible. The outright withdrawal of breast implants in a first surgical time. The lodge with good breast implant can retract and allow the inside to "tighten" after a few months.


Photo above - left breast ptosis

This effect is modest but of course sometimes enough to moderate ptosis. The patient can then see if this aspect suits him or wishes to correct a persistent ptosis in a second time. The disadvantage is that in this case it requires two surgical procedures with both anesthesia and higher operating costs.


In the photo above the surgeon put the scheme operation mammoplasty.

People can remove their breast implants in the same operation. The advantage is that only one action is required and the patient is thus mobilized once with lower costs than two separate operations. Once the implants removed, breast ptosis cure is not more difficult to achieve. The results are then usually excellent.
Patients no longer have to endure the stresses of the implants (risk hulls, regular monitoring, etc...) with smaller breasts but certainly a good cosmetic result.


Аbove pictures - before and after breast lift

 A lifting effect was then obtained with the filling and the projection of the breast. Many of such women are facing a withdrawal of breast implants with breast ptosis cure in the same operation. The excess skin is removed with scars around the areola and vertically to breast aplomb. The practice of adapted surgical procedures allows you to find a solution for each, with the primary aim of finding a satisfactory femininity, essential to everyday wellbeing.

If you have no any interest in plastic surgery and breast lifting, you have the opportunity to read about weight loss diets here - диета и правильное питание после мастэктомии, пластических подтяжек груди, операций маммопластики и других хирургических операций.


Домострой - как жили русские женщины

Исполняется 400 лет замечательному явлению в русской культуре - своду правил и наставлений, называемому "Домострой".


Вероятнее всего  это произведение древнерусской христианской морали возникло  еще


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20.01.В январе в Венеции принято праздновать день стеклодува.  Более 12 веков назад в этом городе на воде зародилось искусство, называемое теперь Венецианским стеклом


или  Мурановским стеклом.


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 26.12. В этот день жители некоторых стран Британского содружества отмечают


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